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Below you will find the various ways in which I can support you in being Liberated In Love!

These fall in 3 categories – At Your Own Pace Online Journeys, Regularly Scheduled Online Gatherings and Unique To You Personalized Support.

My gift to you is the 3 day Masterclass, called Safety In Love! And if you’re experiencing vaginismus or any form of pelvic pain, you’ll also want to check out the first module of the Pain Free And Intimate Recipe, called Putting Vaginismus In The Past!

Want to go deeper together?

For my personal support in choosing which option is best for you, get in touch with me by email, send me a DM @katrin.with.love or schedule a 45 minute consultation.

Sending you a virtual hug!

– Katrin, with Love

You’ll Get The Free Online Journeys Safety In Love And Putting Vaginismus In The Past

At Your Own Pace Online Journeys

Pain Free And Intimate Recipe

The Pain Free And Intimate Recipe is my online course, designed to support you in overcoming vaginismus.

You can choose to invest in the complete course, or dive into the stand-alone modules independently.

Masterclass Musings

Masterclass Musings are the real and raw conversations I’ve had with small groups of you during our 3 day Masterclass events.

You can choose to invest in the complete collection of conversations, or dive into the stand-alone Masterclasses independently.

Pleasure Exploration Journey

The Pleasure Exploration Journey is my online course, designed to dive even deeper into your eroticism and reclaim your sexual self.

Regularly Scheduled Online Gatherings

Liberation Sessions

Liberation Sessions are representative of a greater movement. They are safe spaces for you, designed to support you in embodying what you learn on your sexual liberation journey. In becoming Unleashed.

These are monthly sessions you choose to participate in 6 month chunks, alongside a constantly growing group.

Community Meet-Ups

Community Meet-Ups are the regular gathering with fellow vaginismus warriors, so you feel supported on this healing journey.

They are made up of the 3 monthly (to be bi-weekly) classes below, all of which you can choose to attend as often as you’d like.

Unique To You Personalized Support

Unique To You Personalized Support is exactly that.  It is designed to help you in the most customized way in creating the life you desire.

It can be either with my purely 1-on-1 support, or in a group format with some 1-on-1 support (where you go on the journey with your specific group from start to finish). You sign up to participate in bi-weekly sessions for a 4 month period and there’s also an option to be supported 1-on-1 by me more spontaneously, on your terms. 

Our next Sexually Liberated group starts in November 2022 or earlier depending on interest!

Sexually Liberated 1-On-1

Sexually Liberated Group

Group Calls Recordings

And for those who have been part of our Sexually Liberated group adventures, here are your calls recordings.

1-On-1 Deep Dive

There are 3 main benefits of 1-on-1 time together that I simply cannot include in an online course experience:

1-On-1 Walkie Talkie Support